From the recording Part of the Landscape

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Drivin down Baseline Rd
like I have a million times before
My mind bubblin on overload
Unwanted thoughts I’m unable to ignore.
As I approached the corner my eyes they did a double take
suddenly felt like a foreigner
There’s been a change in the landscape, change in the landscape

How long has it been like this, when did I last stop and observe
Awakened to all that I have missed, while focused on life’s learning curve…
And through it all I stand tall
You can be just like me blowin’ in the breeze
Rooted no matter where you stand
Know that you belong on this sacred land
You’re part of the landscape

Change isn’t always bad or wrong
We adapt to the seasons
Never doubt where we belong
We don’t question or try to reason
I hibernate when I need to
I bear fruit when it’s right to
Shine when I want to
change my color when I have to…