From the recording Part of the Landscape

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Always Counting

How many hours left to sleep
I’m tired of counting all these sheep
How long until I’m late for work
Rushing out the door and cursing at this daily quirk

How many steps did I walk today
Did I find kind words to say
Seems too long since you’ve been home
Counting all the years I’ve been on my own

Always counting…counting in my head
Always counting…. Counting…

How many seconds till the new year starts
Were there memories off the charts
How many resolutions have I kept
What about the ones too far out of my depth


How much money have I spent
Is there enough left to cover the rent
Counting all the dollars and cents
Have these monthly payments even made a dent

Minutes or miles, tears or smiles
Blessings over fears, moments over years


Counting blessings will reveal
A wealth no one can ever steal
Let your heart help you to recall
Look around and count them all…

Always counting…counting in my head
Today I’ll count with my heart… instead…