1. 05 Love Is

From the recording Part of the Landscape

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Love Is….

When you start each day with love and kindness
To yourself to those you love and those that challenge you
Open your heart - let go of any blindness
Every day begins fresh and feels brand new…

Each thought we hear or say
Trickles out into the universe
Every word we speak or pray
Some for better, some for worse…

We can make a difference
Each and every day
Leaving heart-shaped footprints
For anyone lost or gone astray

Across the lakes mountains fields or oceans
Our words they ripple out for miles
Will they fill us with bitter emotions
Or bring about those beautiful smiles

Try it out and see what transpires
See where those ripples will land
For some they are putting out fires
Others join in circle reaching for a hand…


Come together with love at the center
See how it lands when kindness enters
We all make a difference when were together
Whatever the question, whatever the question
Love is the answer
Love is
Love is