Official Acorn Lover

Official Acorn Lover 

For as long as I can remember I have always saved acorns. I like to find two that are together or find the little tiny baby ones. (Some collect shells – and I used to but it’s been a while since I’ve visited the beach) They have to be fully intact for me to even look. I get excited when I find them especially the green ones. I like the contrast of the green and brown. I never pick them off a tree only from the ground. I used to make these little snowmen ornaments and the acorn top became their hat. I’d save them in a bag or container knowing I’d find some use for them while crafting… 

Well it just dawned on me that there might be a reason I’m attracted to these little beauties!! 

So I went online to look up what the acorn symbolizes and guess what? It’s a symbol of growth and unlimited potential! As you know this little acorn can turn into a very mighty oak! Well this inspired me even more. I would go on walks and search for these acorns that come in all shapes and sizes with a new understanding. I am also full of growth and unlimited potential! The acorns were reminding me and I didn’t even know it! I love that nature is like that. 

I have been reminded that nature is so healing. I can hug a tree (as long as there are no poison ivy vines!) and thank that tree for it’s shade, beauty and it’s longevity – standing tall and growing there for years. It goes with the flow. Or it can take my troubled worries and leave me renewed. In fact I just wrote a powerful new song about a tree offering wisdom. It’s called Part of the Landscape and will be on my next album. I am grateful that I can still find acorns in abundance. I am also grateful that I was able to connect the dots and understand why I am so drawn to them. I am always growing and full of unlimited potential. Where will my music take me next? 

Gottta run – going to go visit some mighty oak trees! 

September 5, 21

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